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I’m presenting at OT24Vx2015: Being an Agent of Change

I presenting at the marvellous OT24Vx2015: Being an Agent of Change, which is a free on-line conference.  Please come along if you’ve got time.  Here is what I’ll be presenting on.

Building together: Occupational therapy and the construction industry

By modifying the home environment, occupational therapists utilise design and construction methods to improve or restore occupational performance. This presentation will explain how design and construction knowledge was used to develop a novel occupationfocused process protocol for home modifications.

Participants will be able to:

  • Justify the role of occupational therapy in home modification practice
  • Explain why occupation-focused practice is important when modifying environments
  • Appraise the role of design and construction in the occupational therapy process
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Occupational Therapists getting it right when planning visits with equipment and adaptations Reps

On the whole, the visits I plan with equipment and adaptations reps go OK. But over the years, I’ve had some visits go spectacularly wrong. On reflection, I have to blame my decision making process when organising these visits. Being the OT nerd I am, I’ve turned to our theory base to develop this tool for oraganising visits with reps. The goal of the tool is to gather the right information, at the right time, so that we orgnaise the right visit for both the person(s) a the rep and me the OT.

Hope you find it helpful.