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Conference Poster: Improving the Sleep of Housing OT’s

Last month was COT’s 2013 Conference.  I was unable to attend, but I did submit a poster (a big thank you goes to Maria Parks, who delivered the poster to conference for me).  So my efforts do not go to waste, I thought I would store and share it here.  WARNING:  This is my first attempt at a conference poster!  The topic of the poster is the work underpinning my PhD research project.

The Poster

If you would like any further information regarding the Poster then drop me a line.



I am an Occupational Therapist and my main passion is the using the built environment to support people's occupational performance (basically ensuring people are able to do the things they want, need and have to do in their everyday lives without being hindered by the built environment). Having completed an MSc in Accessibility and Inclusive Design I was given an opportunity to complete a PhD, which I did in July 2016. Currently I am based in the School of Health Sciences at University of Salford. My research interest is in the process used by occupational therapists to modify home environments.

One thought on “Conference Poster: Improving the Sleep of Housing OT’s

  1. Nice one! Great to see some research around housing modification. Good clear intro as to what we do..and the ‘types of information analyzed’ will also make a good assessment tool!

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